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Abuja has over 50 communities with 1.1 million of the population as children between 0-15years. Emechihu Favour Discovery Foundation will focus its initial project on 20 communities in Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) District. There are so many dyslexia children that are not attended to in these communities. 20% of them with learning disorder attend schools but never finish due to lack of care.

From this typical case study, it is obvious that many Nigerians are dyslexic simply because this condition was not detected earlier and diagnosed. Therefore, they grew up with it and it has become a problem today.

Thus, it is very important that Emechihu Favour Discovery Foundation empowers as many communities as possible to correct this issue early.

In this regard, over 5,000 questionnaires is printed and taken to communities and schools to get responses from parents, teachers and caregivers. In addition, other materials will be produced to test, diagnose, identify and correct this issue.

Above is a sample of the questionnaire filled by a parent and the teacher of a dyslexic child conducted in the Month of November, 2018.

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