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Raising children is not just about looking after their physical well-being and education or keeping them happy all the time. Bringing up healthy and happy children also involves teaching them ethics for them to grow up with integrity. Here are some principles in raising an upright Child:

  1. Take the time; to show love, set limits, stay positive, create routine and find quality child care for them.
  2. Be present: No matter how busy your schedule is always be around your children.
  3. Trust yourself: Trust that you know more than you think you do, trust that this moment will pass, trust in your dreams, trust when you need to say ‘NO’, Trust when you want to say ‘Yes’, and Trust your children loves you.
  4. Don’t compare your kids to other kids
  5. Shut up/listen to your child but don’t ever tell your kids to shut up.
  6. Put confidence in them by saying positive words to them and be curious; try to find out what happens around them always.
  7. Smile always
  8. Read to your child/kids: As you read they listen or repeat after you.
  9. Don’t always be the bed time story tellers.
  10. Introduce word puzzle to develop critical thinking skills in them.
  11. Don’t do your kids homework for them but guard them.
  12. Discipline with reasons: When you spank your child, he or she should know the reason you spank. You can study the parenting phase.
  13. Teach by being a good example: Don’t expect your kids to do what you say all the time but expect them to do what you do because they learn by example.

Teach right from wrong: Teaching maybe conscious or unconscious. When a mother smiles looking at her baby, the baby learns to smile back at her. By the time a baby is 6-9 months old you start teaching. The teaching intensifies when the baby starts walking around by 1 year and start pronouncing small words. Then you teach how to eat, drink, talk, walk and behave in a right way.

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