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I must appreciate parents that are zealous in bringing the best out of their children. Kudos! Child abuse and molestation is on a rampant now and still many parents do not know how to address the issue. It is a stab to mothers because everyone is pointing fingers at the mother and saying ‘she is careless not to have observed any movement or changes under her nose’. Hmm! this is disheartened.

Mothers, please let’s put a stop to all these blames. I’m hurt each time I hear news about child abuse.

Many parents do not know their children are abused. We are educators/teachers; children open up more to us than even their parents because they hardly discuss with their parents who are always not available for them. I have tackled many issues on child abuse in fact the most resent is about a child of age 4 who claims to have been abused by her uncle. Yes…. Children now know when they are abused.

This was a very difficult situation to handle after the previous one. Why? This was because when an abused child was discovered abused we called the attention of the parent and guess what she accused us of….. “That we always interfere into other people’s privacy”. Hmm….this was a big blow to us but we tried to manage the situation. It wasn’t funny at all.

In the case of the 4 year old girl, we had to invite her Mother over to the office but firstly we appreciated her for providing all her daughter’s needs and sending her to a good school. We commended her daughter’s moral behaviour and academic performance. We told her about some changes in behaviour in her daughter lately and ask if she noticed anything? We told her that there is need for her to be close to her daughter than ever and needs to pay attention to who she leaves her with as we suspect the case of abuse. We made her to understand that abusers are people that are really close to the abused. She should watch how her daughter acts around her uncle and gather her own facts too. She should ask leading questions that will point her in the right direction when the uncle is away because molesters usually threatened the molested to tell no one about their experience that if they do, they will either die or their parent; that get them scared to open up. We advised the mother to take her child for check-up and never leave her daughter in the hands of that uncle again and also apologise to the daughter and promise to always take care of her.

Honestly, I can’t watch a child being molested and keep calm about it. I will fight my last blood. This is because I have been talking about this for years but the molester/predator keep doing this. Every day is for the thief one day is for the owner of the house. When we catch the molester justice must prevail then the guilty will know that children have their own rights.

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