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Health Is Wealth
In situations like this the best everyone could do is to pray and also maintain a good habit of personal hygiene and sanitize environment consistently.
We are all advise to:
*Always wash our hands
*Avoid touching our mouth, eyes and nose
*If you experience any strange feeling is best that you go for check up.

Its been discovered that children are left on cared for; maybe we feel no corona virus case of a child has been recorded so we feel we can leave then on their own.

A parent was walking with his child along the road, he was putting on his face mask and left his child uncovered. This is incredible!

Every living thing has the tendency to be ill or affected by disease. Therefore the children should not be left our in this pandemic.

Parents should educate their children the importance to stay at home and practice hygiene. This is very important. COVID-19 has made children stay at home this period without the physical class kind of education. Now, online education is what is going on for parents who can afford it but for those in the remote areas who can’t afford it, where do they fix their fate? please, a cry out call! I beg the government and every citizen on Nigeria to be their ‘brothers keeper’.

Favour Discovery in our own little way have decided to support the vulnerable children in rural communities with essential medical materials such as hand sanitizer, detol, face mask, etc. to keep our children free from corona-virus. We would also supply micro-nutrients supplements to malnourished children to build their immune system from being affected with corona virus now and in the future. We would also empower teenagers and youth with the use of technology now and in the nearest future to be independent.

We ask the public to partner with us to make this to reality.


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