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Emechihu Favour Discovery Foundation (NGO) is founded to provide humanitarian service for the vulnerable group of persons, children, pre-teens, teenagers, and the youths. It is duly registered under the Nigerian Cooperate Affairs Commission, on the 4th of September 2015 in Abuja.

Favour Discovery Foundation is an NGO with the passion to reach out to communities to be a blessing to humanity, establishing care services for less Privilege and create awareness to parents, teachers and the society about cases of children and how it can be eradicated.

VISION STATEMENT: To provide humanitarian welfare for the vulnerable group in the society such as children teenagers and youth. To develop their foundation rightfully and impacting in them to morals to becoming a better society.


  1. To build the foundation of children, teenagers and youth by teaching them God’s word and developing them morally.
  1. To mobilize human and material resources to uplift the quality of life of these vulnerable children, preteens, and teenagers, and create an atmosphere of peace, love, destiny fulfillment, greater height achievement.
  1. To educate children on sex abuse and molestation and how to guard themselves against predators, molesters and pedophiles.
  1. To discover and build the talents of children, teenagers and youths. So that they can use their talents to make imparts and be relevant in the society. We therefore engage them in trainings for a period of time for perfection and then release them to their destinies.

Skill is very important to us, especially in this 21st century. We handle physically creative development, wealth creation, skill acquisition, innovation, and education. We engage in workshops and seminars, training the less privilege children, teenagers and youths and the vulnerable to help them succeed in life.

  1. We give free Education to the less privilege so they can also achieve academic excellence and become great in life. We want to build a long lasting legacy in Education that is why we want to be part in building.
  1. We empower the less privilege in communities to help themselves. We supply food items, clothes and school materials for families who can’t afford it for their children.
  1. To administer free medical checkups and provide test facilities in communities. Train pupils, teachers and parents on child disabilities and first aid treatments in communities.
  1. To campaign and advocate for the right and care of children and a stop for domestic violence and ensure that perpetrators won’t go unpunished because Justice must prevail.